Many thanks for your interest in Unknown Artifact’s (UA) affiliate program. Receive 10% on all purchases referred by you. Join the UA affiliate program here via E-Junkie.

How it Works

Buyers who click on a UA referral link will have a cookie set in their browser. This cookie will expire in 6 months and any products a buyer purchases from UA during the lifetime of that cookie will earn a 10% commission.


All affiliate payouts will occur on or around the 15th of every month.

Referral Link

UA’s affiliate program is managed by E-Junkie’s Common Affiliate Program. Meaning, we offer the same commission percentage (10%) for all UA products using a variation of the same URL. The following are examples of how to formulate a UA referral URL.

Your UA Referral Link

Once you sign up for the UA affiliate program you will receive a URL that looks something like the following:

The values on the query string (highlighted in red) uniquely identify you as the referring affiliate and will redirect to our shop page. Be sure to use your values and not the ones in the above example.

How To Redirect to a Product Page

In order to promote a specific UA product, you can add an extra value to your affiliate URL to redirect to a specific product page. For instance, the following URL will redirect to the Distressed Star product page:

The redirect URL is highlighted in red.

Again, thank you for your interest in our affiliate program.