Alternative Apparel Garments

by CJ on Thu, Oct 07, 2010

I really like Alternative Apparel garments. Specifically, the Organic Crew and the Organic V-Neck shirts are incredibly soft and light-weight. They have that vintage fit and feel that is so appealing to me. What’s interesting too is that the longer you wear the t-shirt the better it drapes your body. It’s also the best kind of garment… a garment that looks better with age… wash after wash.

At this point, for the aforementioned reasons, I plan to offer water-based prints on mostly Alternative Apparel garments. Among the Alternative Apparel offerings, I’ll likely sprinkle in some American Apparel 2001 garments as well since it appears to be the industry standard garment for indie t-shirt vendors. The Alternative Apparel price point is slightly higher than the American Apparel 2001 shirts but I think it’s well worth the extra cost. Most buyers will likely not notice the bump in price since Unknown Artifact (UA) t-shirts will be affordable to begin with.

The following are a couple of pics of yours truly wearing Alternative Apparel t-shirts. Here I am trying incredibly hard to look kewl. The print on this shirt was my first ever test print. The actual print came out horrible (a misprint) but it made the shirt that much more interesting to me. I wear it often. The second picture is of me in the Organic V-neck.