FeedBurner Email Subscriptions

by CJ on Fri, Sep 10, 2010

In addition to using a RSS feed reader, you can now get Unknown Artifact (UA) blog posts sent to your email. Not everyone who reads a blog leverages the benefits of RSS feed readers and would rather receive an email when a blog is updated. Personally, I subscribe to feeds using Google Reader but I would definitely appreciate an email notification when some of my favorite blogs are updated as well.

For many reasons, the UA blog utilizes Google FeedBurner to manage its feed syndication. One of the many tools it offers is email subscription notification. This is great because FeedBurner takes care of all the details for me. It not only sends out nicely formatted emails but it also validates subscribers and manages the email list, among other things. All I needed to do is paste a snippet of HTML code into my web page. Very nice…